Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Event: The Essence of Fall

Today's challenge was to capture the essence of Fall. I have so much black, grey, red and purple in my closet creating an Autumnal themed post was in fact very challenging. This post is part of the VogueGoneRogue blog event. Kristy is sponsoring the event and the Top Ten posts for November 2nd that receives the most "BlogLovin" hearts by November 9th get voted on her blog by comments to win a stay in a luxurious Greek Villa. I hope today's post captures the "Essence of Fall" in such a way that you will be inspired to vote for me. Maybe I can make the Top 10!!

Today I am wearing a cream colored sweater with 2B BEBE olive drab side-zipper skirt, cream tights and brown suede over the knee boots.

My piece de resistance - the plaid wool shirt jacket!! I found this vintage jacket last year in a thrift store for my husband. So for today's fashion event I raided his side of the closet. The Fashion Muse whispered in my ear last night, as I was trying to fall asleep pondering what to wear, that it would be perfect. Dear Hubby agreed that I could borrow it.

Because it is a man's jacket I had to do something to try to give it a little shape. So in the back I clipped on a vintage sweater guard that I picked up in a thrift store.

I love this jacket -> it is warm and has great pockets.

The lovely beaded necklace was my mother's. I have no idea how old it is or where she acquired it but it was just the right thing to go with this outfit.

I went to the park today to enjoy a crisp walk, and welcome in Autumn with some Fall Foliage.

Time to enjoy the Fall season and the warm cozy Fashion!

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Fashion Butter said...

This outfit is so perfect, I love it! Ans the clip was a great idea - I will have to keep that one in mind.

Oh! And re: the shrug - you were exactly right. The sleeves were wide I turned the piece so it was vertical and slipped both arm holes over my head. Then I pulled one down to my waist and kept the other around my neck!

kristy eléna said...

wonderful wonderful!!!!! fall perfection. love the amazing thigh high boots and that glorious, cozy jacket. and i love how went the jacket opens and you see the outfit underneath it's a total chicness treat! you look wonderful and most importantly you look very you! i can definitely tell this outfit is entirely your personal style and i think that's awesome!!

thanks again for participating in the event! goodluck in the contest!

Vogue Gone Rogue

MissNeira said...

Oh man I love your boots! so sexy
and sounds like a fun event!

Miss Neira

Sissie said...

Love it! How can I vote??? It says to be a member, but, I tried to reg and it's not letting me! :( Maybe I am just tired. Lol Text me your log in info if u can, ok? Thanks Sis

Meghan McNally said...

Very pretty! I love the jacket. :)

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