Monday, February 28, 2011

Historical Fashion: Raffia Dress from the Late 1940's

Tiffany and I paid a visit to Luxor Vintage Clothing on our last shopping excursion in January to Carytown. While searching through the racks I came across one of the most interesting dresses I have ever laid eyes on. When I saw it, I knew I had to photograph it to share with my lovely readers.

This dress is from the mid-1940's, early 1950's and is made of raffia! The lining beneath seemed to be silk. I have hats woven out of raffia, wedge heels and a couple bags from raffia, but I never imagined an entire dress from the material. I was transfixed!
It was really cold in the shop this day as their heat wasn't working. That made the idea of trying the dress on a no-go! 

Even more interesting, the dress is adorned all around the neckline and the hem with these metal roses. I'm not sure what kind of metal was used but they are beautiful.

There are also grape clusters and leaves decorating the bodice. It was quite heavy and there was a full length duster that matched it perfectly. Both pieces appeared to be in excellent condition. 

This is the tag showing the price  of the dress and other information. The matching jacket was priced at $95.

I did not purchase this lovely piece of history as I am not a collector but a wearer. I would have no place to wear this dress and I would maybe be afraid to wear it due to its age. 
But isn't she gorgeous? Is this something you could style and wear? Where would you wear this dress?