Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Hour Skirt From Leftover Fabric

I bought this piece of fabric last Spring to make a dress for a Memorial Day cookout. I loved it so much I bought more than I needed so I would have enough to make something else. 
Saturday I knew what this fabric should become.
I have been daydreaming about my Spring style and the cut of the things I want to wear. Spring and summer I want flowing, frilly, girlie skirts. Something flirty and fun, breezy and cool for the warm months. I love the look of circle skirts. Last year I bought this pattern but never used it.

These two elements combined to make for the perfect sewing opportunity. As stated on the package, this skirt is easy to make. I am such an obsessive person I cannot stand to put a project down until it has been completed. Fortunately, this pattern can be finished in three hours or less. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon. 
I usually alter the patterns I use to be more "my style" rather that following them exact. This one calls for me to use bias tape to finish the waist. That seems rather cheesy to me. I made my own facing piece of out the skirt fabric instead. 
The skirt length is longer than what I want. So I shortened the pattern by folding it in the middle so that it will end just above my knee. 
Three simple seams, a zipper and a hem later - I have a new skirt! 

This skirt is my "Mystery" item for the 30for30 Journey. I didn't have to buy a thing to make it.

I originally had the red turtleneck untucked and belted but my daughter convinced me that I should tuck it with the belt over the waist of the skirt.
I love the way the skirt fans out. Worn with pewter Steve Madden pumps and black tights.

I am looking forward to Spring and flirty circle skirts! I enjoyed making this one so much, I already have plans to make a few more!!
What are you craving for Spring fashion?