Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Show at Dillards: The Eileen Fisher Collection

During my vacation in Phoenix, I had the awesome opportunity to model in a fashion show at Dillards in Chandler Fashion Center mall. Every month Dillards has an in-store event. This month showcases the Eileen Fisher Collection. 
Prior to the show we had our makeup done at the Chanel counter. When we arrived back upstairs, the lady directing the show said, "Wow, you look different." I was not sure how to take that, so I just said "Thank you!" 

Unfortunately, Sis and I could only remember the names of two of the ladies in the show because we talked to them for a long time after it was over. My apologies to the other fabulous women in this show - you were all great and I feel terrible for failing to remember your names. Forgive me my poor memory.

This lady was very proud to strut her stuff down the catwalk. She did a great job of showing her outfit. 

This lady carries herself like royalty but is very down-to-earth. 

Nicole participated with Sissie in the Mrs. Arizona 2010 Pageant. She placed 4th and is very comfortable walking down the aisle.
This lady was full of spunk, vim and vigor. She was very lively.

I loved this ladie's silver hair. When I no longer have dark hair, I hope mine is this beautiful silver color.

Doesn't she look great in teal and white? She had the bearing and confidence of someone accustomed to posing in front of others. 

Nicole conducted Beauty Class that I posted about March 9th. Before she was a Mom, she was a newscaster for the local station.

Marlene told us when she was younger she was a swimsuit model. When I first saw she and Beverly, I was awestruck. They had the bearing and demeanor of stars. 
This is Beverly. She and Marlene are sisters. Both of them are as nice as they are beautiful.

I always wanted to model and this day was my dream come true. 

This show was really small with only about 20 people who came to see. Regardless of that fact, I am still thrilled to pieces for the opportunity  to participate. 

Marlene and Sissie

Participating in this show was so much fun! All the other ladies were so nice and sweet. I don't remember all of their names but I enjoyed walking the catwalk with them. 
Irene, who is the store's event coordinator, wanted to have me back for three more shows. Unfortunately, I had to turn her down since I was just visiting. Taking photos and modeling with these ladies was the highlight of my trip to Phoenix.