Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Post: When Fashion Worlds Collide and Eat

While in Phoenix visiting my friend Sissie, I arranged to meet up with a blogger I recently discovered who also lives out here - Margaret Grace of The Rhetoric of Fashion! She and I had a mini-meetup at the Kona Grill in Chandler. 
Blog talk ensues over lunch. Many photos taken! 
Sissie and her girls lunched with us too. Kona Grill gives the kids Etch-a-sketch to draw with while they wait. Isn't that smart? No crayons to get everywhere or for some kids to eat. (Not these kids - someone's kid!) The girls really like the Etch-a-Sketch and it kept them occupied so the ladies could talk.
We started out with some edamame and basic get-to-know you stuff. 
Margaret is a grad student studying to eventually become a professor and has been in the Phoenix area since last August. 

We grownup girls ordered cosmos and felt like Sex & The City! We talked about our cameras, and taking self-photos or torturing some poor soul to be our photographer. We cursed the 30for30 and the no shopping ban. 
Avocado Egg Rolls were so good! I love avocado and since it isn't as readily available back home I make sure to get it when I can out here. There were four on the plate but I ate two before I thought to take a picture. 
Yes, they are that delicious!

Soy Sauce and chopsticks in anticipation of >
Sushi Combo with Oriental Salad
If you have not had the pleasure of eating at Kona Grill, I highly recommend you check them out! We all ate sushi (except kids) but the menu is so much more diverse. There is truly something for everyone's taste and preferences. 
Sissie's twins are so well-behaved and lady-like they were treated to icecream sundaes.
Margaret and I had a really good time talking about Blogger settings since we both use the same platform. Of course, the inevitable "why did you start blogging?" question made its round at the table. Sissie writes a poetry blog "Poetry in Motion" so all the bloggers were chatting it up! 
It is so nice to have met Margaret face-to-face finally. It is great hearing someone's voice and experiencing their mannerisms as opposed to still shots only. She is exactly what I expected! Isn't she cute? Such a sweet, interesting girl. Be sure to roll by her blog and leave her some comment love! 
Friends, Food and Fashion Blogging> Three of my most favorite things!
So nice to meet you Margaret Grace!! 
Have you been lucky enough to meet other bloggers face-to-face? Tell me about it in the comment section below - I can't wait to hear!!