Monday, March 7, 2011

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Post

I left town March 4th to visit my best friend who is more like a sister to me than a friend. Getting packed to go on a 10-day trip took me ALL DAY! The most difficult decisions are always which shoes to take, but this time it was MORE difficult since my vacation culminates with the Style Nation Vegas Meetup. Packing for two cities with a 10 degree temperature difference is no cakewalk but I got it done - less than 50lbs in the suitcase. 
Shoes that made the cut (plus a couple more)

My first day in town we headed out for Tucson to attend a birthday party in the park. Operating on not much sleep and not yet "aware" of my surroundings, I expected the park to look something like this:
Instead, I got this:
(How did they know I would be here?)

Scenery shock to the sleep-deprived brain for sure! Even though as we drove to Tuscon from Phoenix my eyes were treated to sights such as this:
I was still unprepared. I had never seen such a sandy barren park before - even on my previous trips to visit my beautiful lifelong friend. 
Meet Sissie - I love the heels she is wearing! 

Sis with her husband Mike. Her outfit: Leopard print heels by Gianni Bini, pants by Ann Taylor Loft, blouse from Kohls.
I had Sis take a quick shot of me too. It was a bit chilly in the morning and breezy out in the park so I threw on a light jacket.

Wearing> Seven jeans with t-shirt from Papaya, Mix No 6 boots, ArdenB jacket

I knew a few of the people at the party so I had the chance to catch up with some distant friends. Namely, Tiffany (she lives in Tucson) and she had her beautiful baby Sophie with her. Are these not the cutest baby shoes in the world? Start honing that girl's fashion sense early!! You know I am a sucker for RED! I had to take a picture - this IS a fashion blog, after all.

After the party in the park, we went back to the home of the couple hosting the party to hang out. The view from the windows in their living room is gorgeous. 

Obviously, the Southwestern landscape is very different from the East Coast. I had to take some photos of the beauty and of course share them here. During a lull in the conversation, I snuck away to take some more pictures.
This "owl" (top left) is in a second story window ledge. Did you know that the desert blooms? Most people think the desert is barren, but the Sonoran Desert is full of life. In the Spring, the cactus bloom beautiful sparks of color in the midst of the brown. People have citrus trees in their yards (bottom left) - this is a lemon tree that is loaded. I liked the bright yellow amidst the green and brown.
Thus ends my first day of vacation. Wonder where I will end up next?