Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Fabric Sewn Up

On a recent trip to my local Joann's Fabrics I found many different prints that inspired me for Spring sewing. I took photos of some of my favorites with plans to ponder what they may become with the help of my trusty sewing machine and imagination. 
So - which one would you have chosen? 
I actually went back for two of the fabrics but I will leave you guessing about the second one. Obviously, from the photos below, I bought the girlie white flowers with pink centers on a navy background with polka dots. When my daughter saw this fabric she was not impressed. "Mom, that is so 'little kid'!" she told me. "That's the point!", I answered. I really loved this fabric because it is just plain fun, young, and makes me feel like a girl. 

The fabric itself cries out to be made into something frilly so I chose to turn it into a full circle skirt with a fluffy little ruffled edging of pink. I used the same pattern from the Three Hour Skirt that I made in February but added the ruffled edge. 
The style reminds me of a 1950's type of skirt with a shorter hemline and modern accessories. The jacket I have on is pink leather and was a Christmas gift about six years ago from my husband. I actually have gloves to match too but the day is overly warm for them. Wearing this flouncy skirt made me feel happy and carefree. Amazing the effect clothing can have on one's mood!!

I had to toughen up this frilly skirt somehow so Mix No. 6 Laugh combat styled boots were just right to give it "an edge"  - the addition of white tights made me feel like a first-grader. The wide belt helped to define my waist and to hold the skirt up as the waist is a bit too large. 

Phoning all fashionistas - what fabrics, prints, and colors are you coveting this season? What do you imagine yourself wearing for Spring?