Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: Make Mine ColorBlocked Please

When I first saw the post at PrettyShinySparkly about Bloggers Do It Better and the first assignment, I got very excited. I immediately grabbed a badge for my sidebar. I knew exactly what photos I wanted to use. I was prepared, ahead of the game even, and looking forward to posting. 

Five days later, I look something like the above photo: Scratching my head and wondering "Where did I see that blog event? I know I wrote that down..."

As for all things fabulous and fashion-related, I sent out a tweet to my fashionable Twitter community and got the answer I needed:
Remember I mentioned in the first paragraph I added the badge to my sidebar? Yes, I am so pathetic it didn't even jog my brain. I am blessed to have Twitter friends who are willing to rescue me. 
On to the Color Blocking! 
It is Spring here in Central Virginia but that doesn't mean everyday is warm. I wanted to wear my new shorts from H&M anyway so that meant an opportunity to continue rocking my over the knee boots from Bakers. Brown block for the shorts with another brown block in the boots.
Due to the bit of chill in the air, I needed to wear a long sleeve T under the coral Abercrombie & Fitch polo. I chose a light grey as a neutral which wouldn't compete with the other colors yet would stand on its own. 

Cobalt blue tights were the perfect punch of bright to contrast the coral polo and break up the brown blocks. Besides, this pair of tights is one of my favorites. I get a kick out of their "loudness"!
Fashion Sister Tiffany was my coerced photographer for these. While taking this one a gaggle of Canadian geese started honking and running at us to get out of their territory. 

Over the knee boots from Bakers > these are so comfortable to walk around in - even with such a high heel. They keep my legs warm and I will be sad to put them away until Fall. 
Phew! First assignment over - I'm just gonna rest on this rock here and try to regain some of my memory. Whaddaya mean "Where did I put the car keys?" They were right there on that rock.........

Oh yeah - One more thing - Please take a minute to vote for my colorblocked entry on for Project Style. Every vote counts and I appreciate every single one! Send me to the Finals for a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree at my local mall!!