Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Minute Cruise Shopping

My brother Wayne called me last Wednesday to beg me for some style help. He and his wife Melanie were preparing to go on a cruise. The ship was set to sail on Saturday so they needed
immediate help. We all know I love to shop so he didn't really have to beg too hard. This was going to be FUN!

This is Wayne's version of casual cool.
The cruise was set to have two formal nights and Melanie only had one dress. She also discovered that the shoes she planned to wear had become discolored and needed replacing. So we were off to Short Pump Town Center to get our shop on! 
We started off in Dillards shoe department. Melanie isn't the stiletto queen that I am. Therefore we needed to find a dressy shoe that was low-heeled and versatile without resembling something her grandmother would wear. It is a shame that so many of the low-heeled shoes appear matronly. Dillards was a bust in the shoe department so we moved on to the dresses. Unfortunately, that was also disappointing.  Melanie is even more vertically challenged than I am so we needed to find something from the Petite section. Well, let me tell ya > Dillards was a TOTAL fail. All the petite dresses were SO incredibly old ladyish.
Melanie trying on shoes at Dillards
We left Dillards and headed to Macy's. Now Macy's is at the other end of the mall so I will confess to you my laziness and tell you that we DROVE to get there - plus we were short on time. 
The shoes Mel tried on at Dillards were about $80 and they weren't right for her or the occassion. At Macy's we hit pay dirt!  We found shoes on sale for half the price of the Dillards shoe and they were perfect for her needs!! 

Here is Melanie > happy to have found THE shoes! I know we bloggers are visual creatures so below is the closeup on the shoe.

There is enough of a heel to be dressy without posing a problem and it has the lovely buckle detail at the toe. The color is difficult to discern from the pictures but they are a lovely metallic pewter.
Next we moved on to find her a fabulous dress for one of the formal dinners. Macy's Petite Department has a much better selection of fancy dresses and we found several for her to try.

So we found this beautiful dress in Macy's Petites. It is more fuschia than red as it appears in the photo. I think it really enhances Melanie's creamy complexion. Wow does it make her look tall! Such great success on taking care of Melanie's fashion needs.
Next up> my brother Wayne...

While Melanie and I hunted for shoes and a dress, my son Jonathan took his uncle to Buckle. Wayne liked many of the fashion choices there. Heather was the sales associate trying to help him out but he was resisting her suggestions, which were spot on target. Melanie and I went straight to Buckle once her purchases were paid for in Macy's. Being the bossy big sister that I am, I took over once I got in the store and Heather seemed relieved. She and I together ramped up Wayne's "cool quotient" several notches with the stunning ensemble in the above photo.
Here Wayne has on a nice potassium wash dark denim jean with aqua polo and a crisp but casual Pop Icon snap-front white shirt. We also managed to get Wayne to abandon his running shoes for this nice casual slipon shoe and NO socks.
Not pictured, we got him to try some white shorts and a few more shirts. He is looking good in his new duds!
Wayne and Melanie left for their cruise Saturday, new clothes packed to go with them. Melanie called from the cruise ship on Sunday to leave a message telling me how many compliments Wayne got on his new outfits > even from the men on the cruise!
As a fashion/personal style blogger have you had opportunity to help your friends or family with their personal style? Tell me your story in the comments!