Monday, April 11, 2011

Project Style: Shopping Under Pressure

By this Thursday I must have four photos and a video submitted for Project Style 2011 at Short Pump Mall. Last week I posted photos of items in the mall I thought might comprise a trend setting outfit for the contest and asked for input from you - my lovely readers. You all graciously responded with many kind words, advice and well-wishes. Everyone seemed to like this outfit. 

I tried on some of the things I originally selected and hated how they fit or felt or looked on ME. So I spent the majority of my week after work browsing the mall seeking the "perfect" outfit and trend to bring to life. The Fashion Muse broke her silence Saturday morning, about the time I was getting desperate and running out of time. So back to the mall I went but this time I changed my thinking. No longer shopping "for the contest" but for me, what I like - contest be damned!
Color blocking! Texture mixing! Statement jewelry! Knockout shoes! These are the things I must have. I decided to practice color blocking with my shopping clothes today. 
I started my search in H&M and found a couple pieces that I could add to a closet item - white pants. I purchased the top half of my outfit and then began hunting for the right shoes. I searched every shoe store in the mall but purchased nothing, thinking maybe I should change my closet item to shoes I already own. I went home. 
I tried on my outfit and modeled for my husband. He was not so enthusiastic - "Nice," he said, "but it doesn't look like you."  Less than satisfied with this reaction, I began shopping online at the sites of stores in my mall. Finally the light came on, the Fashion Muse speaks. 
Sunday it was back to the mall to find the items I had seen online. I shopped three additional stores for the rest of my outfit. Success! 
I had time to visit the coy.
They are so beautiful. I love to watch them swim and school. I am disappointed to see people are throwing money in the coy pond though. That cannot be good for the fish.
I will share with you a sneak peak of my Project Style selections. I am really pleased with them. I started creating my video today too. I am finally excited about it. I was quite nervous and stressed about the video portion of the contest but now it is coming to life. My visions are beginning to find their way into "the world." 
Aren't the colors and textures fabulous? The white lace is part of the outfit. I managed to purchase all I needed for just under $150 > I spent $148.47 taxes included. 
I am looking forward to photographing and submitting my entries. I must be finished by the evening of April 14th.
In the meantime, I must beg you for some community support. Please prepare to vote for me, if you would be so kind, by creating an account with Shoptopia today. Voting begins April 15th and runs through April 30th. Please vote once a day and help me win Round 1 of Short Pump Towncenter's Project Style 2011. 
What's your view of color blocking, texture mixing and statement jewelry?