Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Community Shoe Closet: Sharing Favorites

As it is Shoe Month on Fashion RECON, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to send me entries of their favorite shoes. I believe the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. I have shared with you which pair of shoes I own that are so versatile and make me feel so put together that they have become my favorites. 

Steve Madden Shoes

I was curious about the favorite shoes of others and thought you might be also. The following bloggers have graciously shared their favorites with me to share with you.
Anika is one of my favorite bloggers because no matter the medium she is a sparkling ray of sunshine. Warm and welcoming, she always makes me smile. Here she is in her favorite shoes:
Anika says:
"My fave shoes are my leopard wegdes by Nilson. I always feel very va va voooom when I wear them. When I first bought them I concidered getting a pimped out walker to go with them, but now I mostly hold my own wearing them."
I say:
I love the "neutral-blocked" dress Anika created. It creates the perfect backdrop for her scarf and colorful bracelets. I really like the subtleness of the print on these shoes. Spunky and versatile! 

Kristy is the first blogger I connected with when I started Fashion RECON. Through her lovely spirit of community I was welcomed into the Bloggerverse and began to connect with other bloggers, many of whom I now gladly call "friend."  

Kristy's initial response to my request:
"oh man, how on earth do i choose?!"
They are REALLY tall but very comfortable because your foot isn't arched at all. Great platform, simple design yet really modern and so now.
I say:
The height of these shoes is right up my alley! I love tall shoes, especially since I am not very tall myself. Kristy sure knows how to make the most of her accessories! Check out the stripey socks and orange bag! She is just adorable! 

Jamillah is a new blogger friend of mine who is super supportive. She and I just clicked right away! A fellow Taurean, she is incredibly sweet and stylish! Meet Jamillah:

Jamillah says:
I own 2 pairs of these guys, they literally go with anything I put on and since I walk everywhere (work 2 miles, 1 mile walk grocery, really everywhere) I love I don't have to even think when I put these guys on. I know they will always be comfortable and they kind of go with everything in my wardrobe from my bf jeans to my minniest skirt.

I say:
I love Jamillah's laid back kind of cool. Her jewelry really stands out. I am adoring those bangles!

Stephanie is one of the lovely bloggers I had the privilege of meeting at the StyleNation Meetup in Las Vegas. She is such a beautiful girl and a beautiful person too. 
Stephanie says:
My favorite shoes are the Perfect Pumps by Ann Taylor!  They are your basic black pump, and I wear them with everything: jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts -- you name it!  They're so simple and versatile.  I could not live without them!

Here's the link to where you can get your own!  (Mine is the matte version, no longer available, but here is the patent leather.)

I say:
I love this look on her! Sass, style and attitude! Of course, Steph goes the extra mile to tell us where we too can find these fabulous pumps!
If you haven't "met" Fabienne yet, you need to! She has one of the sweetest, gentlest spirits and I absolutely adore her. I got to meet her face-to-face in Las Vegas too. Her posts are thoughtful and inspiring. Here she shares her favorite shoes with us.

Fabienne says:
I really wanted a pair of platforms that were comfortable enough to wear regularly, something a little funky without being polarizing. I found these at Urban Outfitters, they fit perfectly. I put foam petals under the balls of my feet to give them a little cushion. Even though they're not the most comfortable pair or the sexiest, they're my new favorites because they make everything look good and I can wear them all day without my feet hurting.
And let's not forget, they make me about two feet taller! Well, at least it feels that way.

I say:
Wow - this woman can use color! I love her orange jacket with the gold tights! The stud detailing on Fabienne's wedges make these an awesome choice!

BellaQ of The Citizen Rosebud:
Bella is one of the nicest, most down to earth, funkiest of  bloggers I have met yet. She is a warm drop of sunshine on a cold winter's morn for me. Her style is eclectic and fun. 

Bella says:
This striped pair of wedges are one of the first pairs of shoes that come to mind when people ask me about favorite shoes. There are a number of reasons why I like them so much.
I love stripes, and these shoes well, fit the bill. They came from Payless Shoes, for about $40bucks; I ordered them online. They're a limited "designer" edition- Alice + Olivia for Payless. 
I first saw them on Suze, the colorful Mid-western blogger of Miss Vinyl Ahoy, and I liked them so much, I immediately clicked on the link and ordered a pair. I guess I like these striped shoes 
even more because they remind me of the powerful influence of personal bloggers.
I say:
I love the bold black and white stripes of the shoes Bella has chosen. They make a real statement which is one of the things I like best in my shoes. I love the artisitic photos of this blogger pal.

B of the much loved Beautifully Invisible blog agreed to share her favorite shoes with me and I was so excited!! She retains her anonymity but shares her wonderful favorite shoes!

B says:
I first spotted these Coach Karolina Python heels on Jessica of What I Wore around May of last year.  They seemed perfect: stacked platform, criss-cross straps, and the perfect nude color to compliment my own skintone.  Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to purchase them they were sold out everywhere in my size.  I ended up stalking ebay for about 8 months before I finally found them - a brand new pair in exactly my size, direct from Hawaii!  It didn't matter that it was the middle of winter, I bought them on the spot and wore them for the first time a few weeks ago.  I wear them every chance I get now because they really are the perfect nude heels.
I say:
Wow! I completely love these! I love the python and the stacked heel. I really like that the front wraps the platform. Awesome shoes!
A very big thank you to you ladies who so graciously shared your favorite shoes with us. I really enjoyed creating this post of fellow blogger's favorite shoes as I always like a peek into other's minds and closets. 
Please tell me about your favorite shoes in the comments. If you have a minute, take the time to visit these stylish blogger ladies. I promise it is worth the trip!