Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Editorial: Pink in the Park

This post is mostly pictures instead of prose.
Favorite nude shoe this season:
With violets
These photos were taken on my birthday earlier this month. I'm not telling the day as I don't like a lot of attention. I like for my birthday to slip quietly by with only my family recognizing the day. 
My daughter and I went to the park in the afternoon to take some fun photos. I may be getting older but I remain young in mind and spirit. So when I saw this tree leaning out over the water, it became my tightrope. 
What was it Steven Tyler said about a duck? Look!! 

I love mallards. They are such pretty birds. Plus they wear a necklace and have colorblocking down to a science. 
Isn't he pretty?

Without my favorite shoes, I am out on a limb.

Four shades of pink. This belt was a thrift store find. I bought so much that day they refused to charge me for the belt!! Yes, I know > that is kinda sad. 
Taking time to smell the roses.

New meaning for the phrase "shoe tree" 
Enjoy your Memorial Day!