Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Shoe Collection

For the final day of shoe month, I bring to you my summer shoe collection. Originally I had planned to show my entire shoe collection, but that turned out to be far too daunting a task. Instead, I decided just the shoes I will be wearing for summer is enough. 
 Fun, colorful shoes!!! 

My daughter had the wonderful idea to arrange my shoes in a heart for my love of shoes. Black is the predominant color so we used those to form the outer shape of a heart.
 Then we began filling the heart with all the other shoes.

 I used a tablecloth spread out in the backyard to display them and it took two giant duffel bags to bring them all down from my closet. The bed was littered with their boxes. My shoes are always kept in their boxes. 
The black heel on the left is my favorite pair of black sandal booties from Aldo. To the right of it, my Audrey Brooke wedges. I have walked miles of Washington DC sidewalks in those babies. Incredibly comfortable and they are not close to being worn out. They have been to Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Mexico, too.  A very well-traveled wedge and still looks great! 
The light colored shoes are set to look as though they sprout out of the top of the heart. You can see some well-worn Liz Claiborne jeweled thongs in the mix. Those shoes are my favorite thongs. They have turquoise beading across the straps. Typically, they only make it to the beach and maybe the pool. 
The white wedge thongs are by Guess and have rhinestones along the straps. Gotta have my bling baby!! The cream and taupe pumps are a gorgeous pair by Alberto Martinez. They are made of nice leather and oh so comfy! Enzo Angiolini loafers made of baby soft leather > they rarely make it out of the closet but some days just call for them. 
 I definitely love my shoes. I am in awe of how many I actually own. Taking them out for a photoshoot brought home to me the craziness of my shoe addiction. Just think, none of my boots are included here!! There were many pairs of pumps and other shoes left behind in the closet. I will show you those in the Fall. 
 I sent my son Jonathan up a tree for this final shot below. He also helped me with the duffel bags. Such a great sport! 
So there they all are in their glory. As summer is just starting, there will be plenty of outfit posts to come showing them in their individual beauty. 
I hope you enjoyed Shoe Month here at Fashion RECON. I know I did!! 

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