Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Breaking Free From The Herd

Lately, I haven't been 'feeling' skirts or dresses but this day I broke out of my rut. In my office Casual is usually King as we are allowed to wear jeans every day. I am trying not to let my surroundings influence my style overly much but it is hard when you work with 90% men. They are definitely not accustomed to girls(women) in dresses and heels. Our first team lunch they trekked me 9 blocks one way. It was an impromptu lunch and they did not account for my 5 inch heels! I made it there and back without complaint or breaking an ankle/heel/leg on the city streets. Now, however, they make a point to ask if I am wearing heels. My reply> "Am I breathing?"  Because you, dear faithful reader, know I am wearing heels! 
 So to break my recent tendency to wear pants, I looked myself in the eye, gave my style a good shake and a stern lecture. This is the result. 

I bought this crochet cardigan from my local thrift store and have been seeking an opportunity to wear it. Breaking free from the heard proved to be the perfect opportunity. 
Turquoise rings have been an obsession for me since I was 12 years old. By age 14 years, I had a rings for every finger and I wore them every single day. Unfortunately, when I was in my 20's, some ass decided they would rob my apartment and stole ALL my turquoise rings, among other things. I began collecting again but so far I only have 2 and I always wear them together.
Also in this photo: vintage Brighton sunglasses and Fossil Boyfriend Watch. Tank by H&M.
 Good, sweet hubby bought these Steve Madden wedges for me early in the summer and I haven't worn them much. I am more a heels kind of girl. Today they were just the right addition. I even had random strangers on the street complimenting my shoes!! Way to go Hubs! 
 Here is a closeup of the lacy pattern in the crocheted cardigan. I bought it for three reasons: a)the fabulous pattern/neutral color b)the ruffle c)you can't argue with a thrifty $3 cardigan. I must note that it is amazing how warm a cardi full of holes can actually be!
 Texture is a key focus in this outfit too. Notice the strong woven texture of the skirt. Add to that a crochet cardigan, wooden bead necklace looped to become a bracelet and espadrille style wedges with canvas uppers and there is the ultimate mix of texture. 
I bought this wooden bead and turquoise stone necklace at Black Market Minerals in Phoenix, AZ several years ago. The necklace ties the rings and the "bracelet" together. 
Incidentally, the skirt was also picked up at my local thrift store. I paid one full US dollar for it! When I showed my friend Ruta this picture she exclaimed that she didn't even know it was me with my hair braided back. I am tricky this way!
To ensure I don't fall back into that herd mentality I have a new mantra: I will not be a sheep. I will not be a sheep. 
Yet some days it comes out like this: Baaaa!