Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Mashup: Hurricane Irene, Hair and Project Style Preparation

Last week whenever I sat down to compose a post the network would go down or the power would blip knocking my router offline and it was very frustrating. So I missed a couple posts last week. Hopefully this week I will have better luck. 
I know I have been kinda hair crazy lately but I just can't help it> I am obsessed. I am really getting sick of dying my hair and I don't really want my grey to be that evident. Dying really takes a toll on my hair health. In fact, it is sorta killing it. I concocted this idea that I could add some highlights along my part and around my face and not worry about the rest of it so I made a Friday appointment to talk with my stylist Jo Brandon. She did a strand test and recommended this awesome hair mask. I am supposed to go back to her on Wednesday for a mini-highlight and she wanted me to be extra nice to my hair so it could withstand the color lifting needed for highlights. 
This stuff is fantastic. My hair is so soft and not frizzed. Wow! Curled right up. 

So that is me, makeup free and curly hair. Now I am thinking about waiting until October to get the highlights and just see how it looks as I let the roots grow out untouched. I am really sick of coloring it. Maybe it won't be too bad. 

Saturday Irene blew in and we were surprised at how early in the day it started. Our area of town didn't get it as bad as some but we still lost a tree. I took some photos Sunday morning.
 Oak tree came right out of the ground at the base but it looks like the roots broke off.
 The latest addition to my yard. Very unwelcome addition. If you notice on the left the branches are on the driveway. My husband's police car WAS parked there. Fortunately, he was able to back the squad car out and it sustained no damage.  
 This photo shows the small gum tree that the oak pushed down with it. Surprisingly, the gum tree didn't snap and is holding up the oak - kinda. 
My deck looked like a salad bowl had been dumped all over it and leaves were also plastered to the side of the house. All in all, we got off easy. There is a tree to be removed from the yard but at least no damage to the house and we didn't lose power. 
After cleaning up the deck in the morning, Morgan and I met Ruta at the mall. Morgan needed to get some back to school clothes and I am getting ready for the Project Style Final Round. 
The Live Style Off takes place on September 8th at 6pm. If you recall, I was in Round 1 of the Semi-Finals for Project Style and thanks to my friends who voted > I won the round. Here is the entry that won me a spot in the Finals:
The Final Round is a Live Style Off at the mall. I will have 1 hour to shop and change into my outfit to appear for the judging. An hour is not alot of time so I have begun visiting the mall to find the items I will purchase for the contest. The winner of the Live Style Off receives $1000 shopping spree at the mall and the title of Top Trendsetter 2011. I hope to win but I am nervous about the limited amount of time to shop. Also, we are supposed to go for a Runway look instead of an Everyday look. Challenging!!
Primarily, I have been focusing on shoes because they can make or break an outfit. 
If you followed this blog through the winter you know I adore boots! So these high button boots are at Bakers for $100 and are high on my list. I found a really great dress at Francescas with great color and print.
 I took a photo of a sample of the print so I could match accessories to the colors. The dress is really cute and has flowy sleeves.
Then we went Aldos and I saw these shoes!! I fell completely in love with this shoe!! Unfortunately, they don't have it in my size right now. The salesgirl told me they get in new shipments on Tuesdays so I am hoping they get my size! These are $100.
This color of the same shoe is on sale for $60 and they had it in my size. I really LOVE the blue ones better. However, I am not sure what clothes I would pair with either the blue or the red shoe. 
At least with the boots I have some clothes chosen to go with them. I saw a really nice cozy sweater that buttons down the front and is mini-dress length and I found a rusty orange skirt that MIGHT go with the red shoes. 
Were you affected by Hurricane Irene? 
I hope you all have a great week!