Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Mashup: Organization, A New Hat for Me, Coveted Fashion

With Project Style behind me, I needed to spend some time at home instead of the mall for a change. I have been a bit distracted from my housekeeping duties and it sure caught up with me. Usually, I tend to be really organized. I believe in a place for everything and everything in its place. This can be hard to maintain in shared spaces such as my pantry with the family going in and out of it and typically putting things wherever. So this Saturday I devoted to cleaning out and organizing the pantry. 
Some people are really good at remembering to take "before" pictures. Not me. I just jump right in and get busy. Later I think "Wow. I should have taken a picture of what it looked like before." So I can only share with you the results of the six hours I spent on Saturday. This is "After."
I installed the shelving when we bought the house ten years ago. Since then it has been a struggle to keep items in their proper place. 

I added bins to the shelves to keep things in their place. I gave my husband his own shelf to put his things. Both kids got their own bin and so did the dog. I have threatened them with bodily harm if they mess it up! 
Once I finished with the pantry, my friend Ruta came over to hang out for a couple hours. 
 I love her flats with the ballet ribbons. She is wearing one of the prime colors for Fall: teal! 
Sunday I managed to get out of the house and head out to the malls. Tiffany and I went to Short Pump Town Center, Stony Point Fashion Park and Regency! On our way to Stony Point we noticed how high the river is these days. Our view of the James River as we crossed the Willey bridge.
 Sometimes I like pictures of street signs. 
Tiffany managed to find quite a few things while we ran around town but I didn't make out as well. We went to Stony Point because they have a Bebe store. I want these tights! Unfortunately, they were sold out. 
Image from
Another of the items I am now coveting is this skirt:
Photo from
I seriously want this Michael Kors Python Print skirt. Retailing for $79.50, it is attainable. I haven't bought it yet but I'm not sure how long I can resist!
I went back to H&M to pick up a hat I admired last week. 
I loved this hat from the second I saw it. The love was solidified when I put it on my head! It was the only one in my H&M so I feel really lucky to have it. In the photos, the hat appears red but in person it is more a burnt orange. The feathers are black with a hint of jeweled green. 
I am really looking forward to the weather getting cool enough to wear it. The texture is a little fuzzy and it is warm. I am thinking about afixing a brooche to the place wear the feathers are attached. 
Once I got home from our running around, I took a nap! 
How was your weekend?