Friday, October 21, 2011

1 Memory Lane: Favorite Outfits of the Last Year

I want to share with you my favorite outfits from my first year of blogging. Reviewing my fashion timeline shows how my sense of style has evolved (or not) throughout my year. It also serves as a great reminder of all I have learned throughout the year about blogging and photography. 
Fashion Sister Tiffany is included a few times too. Under each photo I will state why it is special to me. 
So let's take a look, shall we? 

 From one of my very early posts: I love the way Tiffany wore 4 different shades of green for a somewhat monochromatic look. I love the Nordic style print on my sweaterdress. 
Here I borrowed from my hubby's side of the closet and this was used in the first blog event I participated in: Essence of Fall by Vogue Gone Rogue
 Three things: Long gloves, waist cinching belt and sweater tights
The day I went to work in a tunic length blouse, leggings and gold jacket > no pants! Wildlife indeed! 
 Vintage suede skirt and jacket: purchased by me 20 years ago
 Vintage blazer with Escada blouse and Winter Shorts. Until this post I thought winter shorts were kinda silly. Who wears shorts in winter? I do now! This photo was submitted to Project Style and gained me admittance into the semi-finals: Round One
 Style is a balancing act. Mini skirt and cranberry boots with my son's peacoat. Girly meets military.
 Bitten by Houndstooth legwear. I adore this oxblood tuxedo pleated blouse with puffed sleeves.
 The only outfit I did NOT wear heels. Plus a cool hat! Good memory made: Chris was the photographer for the two above photos.
Acid green leather with bright cobalt blue and grey. Perfection! 
Long geometric scarf as a belt and another great hat. 

 I made the skirt. My favorite heel from last year. 
My first Dolce & Gabbana skirt with cobalt blouse and tights. Pewter cropped jacket.
 I made this fun girly skirt and gave it to my best friend Sissie in Arizona. Hot Pink leather blazer and tough combat style boots.
 Outfit I wore to the Grand Reopening of our new & improved H&M. Vintage blazer, side zippered skirt with a colorful striped buttondown.
My Round One winning outfit for Project Style that gave me a chance in the Finals. 
 My colorblocked in the garden for the Full time Fabulous Community May blogging event. 
 This outfit began the Bloggerhood of the Traveling Scarf. Read more about the scarf's adventures HERE
 Thrift finds of the summer: brightly patterned pencil skirt. 
 Headturning Trina Turk slacks I found for $25 while thrift shopping. Normally priced at $250.

 I love these boots! Again with the bright colors. H&M orange-red dress. 
 A more recent outfit I posted. I love the Michael Kors python jacket and I got a great deal on it shopping in the outlets in Williamsburg, VA.  I bought it for one fifth of its regular retail price. 

I can't wait to see what the next year of blogging brings. I hope you enjoyed my walk down Outfit Memory Lane. I have no doubt I will be remixing all of these outfit pieces throughout the next year and beyond. 
Have a great weekend!!