Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mashup: A Long Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family, friends and various loved ones. Last week as I prepared for Thanksgiving, I spotted a tweet put forth by a local confectionaire, eConfections advertising Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Bonbons.  I had seen Erika's tweets before but usually too late to place an order. This time I was on top of things and dashed off an immediate tweet requesting order info. Arrangements were made and I picked up 2 1/2 dozen of her tasty treats. 
These were wonderful! 

I failed to take pictures of them displayed on my pumpkin shaped plate but here is the photo that compelled me to order them:
We really enjoyed Erika's bonbons and I will be ordering again. If you are in the Richmond metropolitan area, follow eConfections on Twitter for her latest offerings. 
Thanksgiving Day was so hectic I failed to take pictures of anything or anyone. I began cooking Wednesday evening to be ready for the big day. We have been the hosts for Thanksgiving forever and I love it that way, but it does entail a good deal of work. 
After everyone had left and all was cleaned up, the husband and I relaxed and talked for a couple hours. Then just before midnight, Chris, Jonathan and I headed out to Gamestop to begin the Black Friday Madness. I managed to take a picture of the shoes I was wearing while waiting in line:
Jonathan's shoes made it into the photo too. 
Friday I took my very first vacation day since starting my new job back in May. What a great feeling! I spent it doing a little bit of Black Friday shopping and then did the same thing on Saturday. I took no photos either day, but I wore my usual Black Friday uniform of all black - head to toe and no makeup. 
Saturday night we went to the second gathering of the Dinner Circle at Hope and John's house. I blogged about the first ever Dinner Circle in October
 When we first arrived, we congregated in Hope and John's living room. John in his recliner, Chris on the couch, Stacy and Keith standing. Note the very cool bar area behind Keith. Yes, the front of a car! Also, the handbag I rediscovered last weekend sitting on the coffee table. 
 Hope set such a pretty table! She made Chicken Chili for our dinner with cornbread muffins. It was delicious! 
 Benches and cube seating with cushions around her beautiful table. 
 The girls lined up by the Christmas tree. Stacy, Hope, Yvonne and a new addition: Stacy. Hope served up some flavorful Sangria she made. 
 Being silly and kicking up a leg. 
The boys: Keith, Steve, John and Chris. 
We have a new couple joining us in the Dinner Circle: Steve and Stacy. 
There were more photos taken but they came out blurry. Boo! 
The December edition of the Dinner Circle will be hosted by Chris and I. I am so excited!! I have no idea what to put on the menu but Stacy and Hope are hard acts to follow. 
Welcome to the Christmas season! It is sure to be busy!