Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Mashup: Fashionable Frames and a Christmas Parade

Today's post will be my week in review. The Christmas season is such a busy time, I struggle to find time to post. Forgive me. 
This week my daughter got her first pair of glasses. She chose a frame by Vogue at LensCrafters.
She only needs them to see the board but she is still amazed by how much clearer things appear now.
More photos follow chronicling the remainder of the week, plus the weekend. 

 Thursday evening we decorated the house for Christmas. Getting the tree up and ready for ornaments is always my job. 
Friday I went to lunch with my co-workers to Jerusalem restaurant on 7th Street between Grace St and Franklin in Downtown Richmond. The food is fantastic there. I am especially impressed with their presentation. I ordered a Falafel wrap and hot Jerusalem Tea. The tea came to me in my own little pot with this pretty glass tea cup and engraved spoon. The wrap met my expectations perfectly. I love falafel but I don't often have an opportunity to get it. The wrap came served with fries. Those fries had to be the best restaurant fries I have had in a long time. Perfectly crisped on the outside but soft on the inside. YUM! 
 Saturday Morgan and I walked with the UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) float in the Richmond Christmas Parade. We had a really good time. By the time we finished, we were both exhausted. Here are some photos of other participants in the parade. 
 The Macy's float: they went with a Cinderella theme. 
 Storm Troopers followed by Chewbaca and other cast members.
 This was the best Chewbaca costume I have ever seen.

 The VCU Rams and their cheerleaders brightened up the crowd and entertained.
 I had the privilege of meeting a heart recipient and the mother of the woman who donated the heart to her. This was incredibly moving. It is difficult to put into words all the emotions I felt just hearing their stories. I can't begin to imagine what it is like for them. They ended up comforting me! Simply magical and so special.  

 Meadowbrook High Marching Band had the beats going. I love marching bands! 
 My favorite cow. Our favorite fast food place too. 
 The Latin Dance Club participated and I just loved the dresses and costumes. They were stunningly beautiful and elaborate. 

 This was a fun and friendly clown. I know some people are scared of clowns, but they don't bother me. I understand how they can be considered kinda creep though. Especially when I think of John Wayne Gacy. (shiver)
 I'm not sure which dance team this was but I loved their sequined boots.  

 After the parade Morgan and I stopped at the actual National Donor Memorial which was depicted on the UNOS float. It is a special place and gives off an aura that I can't find words to describe. In the photo, I am reflected in the marble while sunlight streams down. It reminds me that the gift of life starts with me, or you, checking the box to be an Organ Donor when you renew your driver's license, or by going to the  website and signing up. 
I also think of "Man in the Mirror" as that is where each of us must start in order to make a difference in the world. 

Sunday I spent the morning ordering the last few gifts for my son and husband. The entire afternoon I wrapped everything for the children I had already purchased and placed the presents under the tree.
Hopefully the coming week I will find time for some fashion news or an outfit post. 
Next weekend I start my annual bake-a-thon creating cookies, fudge and seasonal cheesecakes to take our friends and family through to the New Year. 
What are you planning for Christmas treats? Share your favorites!!